Streng Theming of RCC Menbers by Carbar Fibre Wrapping and Jacketed by Micro Conrete

Streng Theming of RCC members by Metal Plate Technology

Soil Stabilization using special equipments for boring and high pressure granting work

App membrane waterprofing of Terrace

App membrane waterprofing of Basement, Soil Nailing and Soil Guniting work

Streng Theming of RCC Menbers by using Additional Rabars by Archering with Hilti Archer Resin and Shotcreting / Guniting

Foundation Archering in the Rock

Retrofilting of Bridges

Streng Theming of RCC Bea, by Rebar Archering from top of Beam

Restoration of RCC Beam

Waterproofing of STP and overhead Water Tanks