Boring,Rebar Nailing and Motorised High Pressure Grouting Work.Soil nailing is an innovation technology suitable for both cut and fills landscape.These are nothing but micro piles (lesser diameter piles).This method consists of drilling borehole using suitable drilling machine, which is capable of drilling inside hard rock.Rebar is inserted inside the bore hole and grouted with cement slurry.This grouted rebar is called "NAIL". Its purely depend on skin friction and adhesion with natural soil and rock .Its structural capacity is nothing but the pull out capacity of each nail.


Boring, Rebar Fixing in to the Rock Below and Motorised high Pressure Grouting Work. Anchoring is done to mobilize shear strength and offer the passive resistance of the soil. Anchor can provide the required resistance to the earth pressure acting on the structure.Ground anchors are also provided to resist the tensile forces exist.

Rebar Anchoring

For anchoring of rebars using cementitous or epoxy or polyester resin grouts as per the site requirements.

Diamond Saw Cutting

Used for cutting RCC items like slab,beam,column,etc., using hitech machines by expert professionals.

Soil Stabilization

Boring and motorized High Pressure Grouting Work. The purpose of this treatment is to stabilize the soil mainly below the footing with cement slurry under pressure(Can also be done with lime slurry).

Waterproofing (By Chemical and Membrane System)

Basement, Terrace, Terrace for Gardening, Sunken, Sump and Overhead Water tank, Lift pit, STP Tank, Balcony etc (By Chemical and Membrane System).

Repair of Basement Water Proofing

Repair of old basement including chipping work, pressure grouting work, coating system, polymer modified concrete & protective water proof plastering.

Water Proofing Bituminous Polyurethane System

Repair of old Basement on the outer Retaining Foundations, wall surface.

Water Proofing (By Cementitions or Polyurethane System)

Terrace-Retaining the Existing Weathering Course With Heat Resistance and WaterProof Coating System,thus Avoiding Over Loading of Structure.  (By cementitious or polyurethane system).


Water Proofing (By Food Compatible Epoxy System)

Over head water tank / sump with food grade or compatible Epoxy system.

Repair And Rehabilitation of RCC Structure

(A) BY MANUAL REPAIR : Chipping and exposing the rebar, removing corrosion and salt present and treating the rebars and introducing additional rebar for the loss of steel quantity by welding and covered with polymer modified cement concrete and finished with polymer modified cement mortar.

(B) BY GUNITING/SHOT CRETING : Chipping and exposing the rebar,removing the corrosion and salt present and treating the rebars and introducing additional rebar for the loss of steel quantity by welding and covered with high pressure guniting/shotcrete method with polymer modified concrete /mortar. and finished with polymer modified cement Plaster.

Jacketing (Encasing)

Suitable for strengthening of RCC members with micro concerte or polymer modified concrete with shuttering.

Micro Concreting

To achieve high degree of strength by using micro concerte.

Settlement of Building

The foundation or the structure below the ground level is strengthened (by strengthening of foundation) introducing piles ,cross beams,plinth beams, etc based on site conditions.

Guniting & Shortcreting

Suitable for civil structure both above and below the ground level using high pressure compressor,hopper etc for walls ,columns, beams,slabs,etc.

Sand Blasting

Suitable for civil structures located in the industrial area like clariflocculators thickners etc.

Note: The photos are not uploaded as this kind of job were done inside the high security plant premises where photos are prohibited.

Weathering Coarse

suitable for terrace with brickjelly lime concerte and kerala pressed tiles finishing on the top with necessary slope formation.

Sealant Application

Suitable for perimeter joints of windows,ventilators,doors and other joints with silicone sealant.

Expansion Joint

Polysulphide sealant/polyurethane sealant placed in position inside the joint to a suitable depth and width necessary baker rod . 

Protective Coating

A) Hydrophobic water repellent  coating is suitable for repellent of water from the surface.

(B) Protective paint coating is suitable for RCC structures from carbonation like chimneys,tanks, RCC members etc.,

Polyurethane Injection

Remedial waterproofing against nagging and recurring active water leakage and stoppage of leakage immediately.


Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting can be very effectively used in making the concrete of permeable nature to impermeable. The grouting can be done with  cement slurry,cement with polymer slurry, epoxy and polyurethane based on site condition and requirement. Pressure pump of 40psi to 5hp motorised pump shall be used based on site condition and requirement.